Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter Nr. 61 – Juli/August 2017


+++ Actions against deportations: Osnabrück, Erfurt…+++ 5.-8.7. in Hamburg: Against G20 +++ 15./16.7. in Berlin: preparatory conference for Welcome United with several network meetings +++ further aggravations in the central Mediterranean +++ Swarming Solidarity campaign by former residents of City Plaza +++ ‘Solidarity City’ network creation with flyer and website +++ From 18.8.: red lines against climate change! Camps and actions in the brown coal district of the Rhineland +++ Reviews: JoG (Youth without Borders) in Dresden, 20 years no-one is illegal in Kassel +++ Previews: 2.-16.9. everywhere and in Berlin: We`ll Come United; 8.-10.9. in Bielefeld: refugee conference with We`ll Come United; 22.-24.9. in Berlin: Women* Breaking Borders – conference of Women in Exile; 6.-8.10. in Leipzig: conference about migration, development, ecological crisis +++

Dear Friends!


The yellow tin whistle – will it become the new symbol of the resistance against deportations? At the end of May Sudanese refugees demonstrated in an impressive way in Osnabrück how deportations can be stopped through self-organization: “…the residents warned each other with tin whistles of the impending deportation. Within the shortest time circa 150 people were up and about. They gathered in front of the houses to protest collectively, resolutely, and loudly but peacefully, against the police having forced its way in and against the impending deportation. They also sang in Arabic and in English and demanded the police to leave the premises. The officials seemed to be taken by surprise by it and one of them pulled his service weapon, while the policemen returned to their cars. The police cars then left the premises of the shelter in the direction of the access road and waited for reinforcements. Meanwhile the protestors closed the gate. After some time the police and the people of the aliens’ registration office left empty-handed..” (http://nolageros.blogsport.eu/2017/06/03/pm-sammelabschiebung-aus-dem-lager-ickerweg-erfolgreich-verhindert/).

Also in Erfurt new collective forms of protest were developed and, like we put it in the last newsletter, in many places the struggles for the right to stay are ongoing and their successes are also reflected in the official statistics. According to a recent parliamentary interpellation only 7% of the Dublin deportations could be effected in the first quarter of 2017. The expulsion authorities can hardly keep pace logistically with the transfer deadlines, the frequent collective as well as individual resistance very effectively blocks the racist exclusion machinery. Starting from these struggles against deportations, local ‘Solidarity City’ initiatives have meanwhile been created in a number of cities. A network meeting on this subject took place in Kassel at the end of June in the context of the action week on the occasion of 20 years no-one is illegal. And it were the above-mentioned and further activists from Osnabrück, who presented the ‘Solidarity City’ initiatives and in doing so underlined the pivotal significance of the connections with migrant communities. As elaborated in the calendar below, the exchange about such experiences and the further cooperation will be continued in the context of a ‘Welcome United Conference’ on 15./16.7. in Berlin. Immediately after the weekend of the, hopefully massive, protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg, we will in the first place focus on day-to-day anti-racist struggles and in the second place on the joint mobilization in September highlighted by the great parade on 16.9. in Berlin. In Rhein-Main a convoy of busses is already being planned for this event and we hope that refugees and migrants from many other cities will gather in the capital. With motivation vehicles we will emphasize the demands for freedom of movement and for equal rights: from huge yellow tin whistles against deportations, up to an original dinghy from the central Mediterranean for the struggle for ‘Save Passages’.


In the last June weekend alone, more than 13,000 people boarded boats from Libya in the direction of Italy and once again it was in the first place thanks to the permanent dedication of the civil rescue organizations that a further mass extinction incident did not occur in the central Mediterranean. Against the slander and criminalization attempts initiated by Frontex, the ‘humanitarian fleet’ so far stands its ground. And ‘Moonbird’, the small aircraft of Sea Watch and the Humanitarian Pilots Initiative, contributed in a very commanding way to the coordination of the rescue operations. Also at and for the external borders we say: We`ll Come United!

The Kompass Crew

Contact: kompass-notify@antira.info

P.S.: The next Kompass newsletter will be published at the end of August and thus wishes to contribute again, shortly before the beginning of the transnational action days on 2.9., to the mobilization for We`ll Come United.


"Solidarity City" - Networking with flyer and website

Activists from the network of Solidarity Cities met in the end of June in Kassel and will come together again on the 15th of July in Berlin. A mutual first flyer is out now and the website will be online within the next days:




Swarming Solidarity campaign of former inhabitants of City Plaza


City Plaza Athens: Swarming Solidarity

Former inhabitants of the squatted City Plaza Hotel in Athens have started a new solidarity campaign. The call and an impressive new video are online here:  


Material (posters and flyers in German and English) can be ordered here: support@best-hotel-in-europe.eu

From the call:

„´City Plaza is not a hotel, it´s my home` ... We are now all over Europe. But we are connected and we are still the people of City Plaza. We are swarming and we want every city to have a City Plaza. Solidarity has spread like seeds that we carry in our light baggage. To continue our struggle for equal rights wherever we are. Solidarity will win.

The former inhabitants of City Plaza Athens…“


Further escalation in Central Mediterranean


Sea Watch and Moonbird

"Every morning we are starting from Malta on Moonbird to search our search area for refugee boats. Since the beginning of our mission on Easter we have been able to find numerous boats which otherwise probably would not have been discovered. Thanks to the good overview from the air and the high velocity with which we can traverse the whole SAR area in a very short time we were able to discover sinking rubber boats and support the coordination of rescue operations in complex situations.


The situation of these last few days was a great challenge for us: When we registered for sea rescue via radio we were instantly asked whether we could drop rescue islands as well. At that point 1044 people had already been saved by the VOS HESTIA, another 300 by SEA WATCH 2 and 250 more by IUVENTA. But not even close to everyone was able to get onto a rescue vessel: We found between 3500 and 4000 people in distress during our mission on 26/6. Unfortunately we cannot drop rescue islands - they would not be a solution anyway but just a drop in a bucket."

Further information, petitions, and more here:



Jugend rettet

„No number can describe the images that our crew saw. No lifejacket will save the people we have lost. Many images our crew will never be able to forget. Together we can and must change something. Actions are louder than words.“



Alarm Phone Statement vom 27.06.2017:

Over the past three days more than 10,000 boat-people were rescued off the coast of Libya. The Alarm Phone dealt with distress cases on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the Central Mediterranean. Many would have lost their lives, had it not been for the Search and Rescue (SAR) NGOs, who worked at and beyond their limits. We can expect thousands of people to set out from Libya over the next days and weeks trying to cross the Mediterranean. After forcing them onto this precarious maritime route through its border policies, will Europe adhere to its politics of abandonment and let thousands more drown?

Find the whole statement on the website: https://alarmphone.org/en/2017/06/27/non-governmental-actors-rescue-thousands-while-europe-continues-to-criminalise-their-work/


New Report

Blaming the Rescuers - Criminalising Solidarity, re-enforcing deterrence

Aiming to deter migrants from crossing the Mediterranean, the EU and its member states pulled back from rescue at sea at the end of 2014, leading to record numbers of deaths. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were forced to deploy their own rescue missions in a desperate attempt to fill this gap and reduce casualties. Today, NGOs are under attack, wrongly accused of ‘colluding with smugglers’, ‘constituting a pull-factor’ and ultimately endangering migrants. This report refutes these accusations through empirical analysis. It is written to avert a looming catastrophe: if NGOs are forced to stop or reduce their operations, many more lives will be lost to the sea. Full report here: https://blamingtherescuers.org/


Parliamentary question

The answer of the German government to the regular question of the party Die Linke about the additional asylum statistic for the first quarter of 2017 is available now! The 100 pages document contains a lot of interesting information about the current asylum policy, see here:


Interesting article and numbers concerning deportations



Active against deportations: Osnabrück, Erfurt...

Osnabrück Ickerweg

„Collective deportation from camp Ickerweg successfully stopped!

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the 31st May 2017, more than 100 inhabitants of the Lager Ickerweg in Dodesheide stopped a collective deportation in a self organised and peaceful way. Two police cars and a van of the Alien Department arrived around 4am on the area of the former military barack at Limberg. Since deportations are not announced anymore, affected persons are waken up in the middle of the night by officials who access their homes. In this case the inhabitants have been prepared and warned each other with whistles against the threatening deportation.

The whole report here:


More information about the impressing fight against deportations in Osnabrück:


Break Deportation Erfurt

We see the grimace of deportations: Stop deportation! On 23.2.2015 they tried to deport us the first time. But together with 150 people we prevented it.


On 4.3.2015 they wanted to deport us again. Although we were in a safe place where we couldn't be deported 180 people come to show that we stand together. Now the Federal Office send us letters which we experience as very violent. Hereby we document a letter in which they want to decide if we are allowed to enter the country again after being deported. So we see the grimace of deportation again. But we further fight for our right to live here.

Stopp Deportation – Come to the Stop Deportation Parade in Jena on 24.6.2017. Jena Demonstration: Stopp-Deportation-Parade! In protest against the G20 Summit and the wars against refugees!!


More informationen will follow. Stay tuned. Break Deportation Erfurt


Hamburg: Against the G20 in Hamburg

Berlin: Preparation conference for We`ll Come United with network meetings about Solidarity Cities and deportations (Dublin deportations and deportations to Afghanistan)

15.07.2017 - 16.07.2017

„Two month ago we called out together with more than 100 groups for a big parade on the 16th of September 2017 in Berlin, one week ahead of the general elections in Germany: "We'll Come United". Since then, our daily struggles continued and we are getting prepared - to tell our stories and visions, stories of living in solidarity, of freedom of movement, of the right to stay and of equal social rights for all and for everyone. We want to protest against the current situation of deportations, Lager-isolation, everyday racism and neocolonial capitalism. We want to be as many as possible. That's why we will have a big parade from the Ministry of the Interior to the Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg - with thousands of people.

At our meeting in Berlin we will start on Saturday, coming together and exchanging about the newest developments. Then we will have spaces for different networks: "Stop Deportation Afghanistan", "Solidarity Cities" and "Strategies against Dublin-procedures", as well as one for the practical and technical preparations for the parade. Afterwards we want to come together again and exchange ideas and results from the different networks to know what and how each network will contribute to the parade."

More information, a first newsletter, contact and registration: http://www.welcome-united.org/de/home/

Red lines against climate change!

18.08.2017 - 29.08.2017

Camps and actions in Auust in rhenisch brown coal field

Rhenisch brown coal field is the biggest CO2 source of Europe and therefore drives the global climate change. From the 19th to the 29th of August there will take place a lot of protests, camps and workshops against brown coal and for a fairer world.

Networking, exchange and the testing of alternatives are in the focus in the camps (camp for [future], Klimacamp im Rheinland in which the Degrowth-Sommerschule will also take place just like the Connecting Movements Camp).

It will get practical from the 24th to the 29th of August during the "action days in rheinland". Besides ENDE GELÄNDE, a mass action of civil obedience which takes places for the third time, there will be more actions: Rote-Linie-Aktion, a sitting blockade Kohle erSetzen!, organised by JunepA, the group Animal Climate Action is planning actions and the campaign Zucker im Tank supports little group actions.



20 Jahre no one is illegal in Kassel

" ... Six days in a row we had almost the complete time a programm in our circus tent in Kassler Nordstadt. We made a radical critic of the illegalisation of refugees public in many events like theatre, street performances and workshops up to a final demonstration ... Wit this week we wanted to centre the continuity of anti-racist fights and also highlight the demands of 1997. And we want to give the message to the local anti-racist scene, especially with suggestions from the workshop by Solidarity City to stimulate their anti-racist work again.

Pictures, short reports and little videos from the week you can find here:

(https://www.facebook.com/No-one-is-illegal-2017-1923581264528638/) and on our blog: (https://noii2017.wordpress.com).“


Everywhere and in Berlin: We`ll Come United - Decentral action days and demonstration with political carneval & parade

02.09.2017 - 16.09.2017


8.-10. September: Refugee Conference in Bielefeld