Kompass-AntiRa-Newsletter Nr. 68 - April 2018

+++ 6.4. in Berlin: Solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Togo +++ 6.4. in Frankfurt: against readmission agreement and for human rights in Ethiopia +++ 14.4. in Berlin: resist - Demo against displacement and rent madness +++ 20.4. in Chios: Start of the trial against Moria 35 - more criminalization in Greece and call for action days ++ 20.-22.4. in Leipzig: Right to the city-Forum +++ 21.4. in Göttingen: germanwide networking meeting for Roma and supporters +++ 28.4. in Leipzig: Parade with We`ll Come United for freedom of movement +++ 6.5. in Dortmund and 26.5. in Hannover: preparation for a demo against detention center in Büren +++ 10.-13.5. in Göttingen: Conference for a big coalition of antiracism +++ Brutal police raid against refugees in Donauwörth +++ About the deportations to Afghanistan and Pakistan +++ Newsletter of We`ll Come United +++ „The struggle of women across the sea“ - Alarm Phone Report +++ Central mediterranean sea: Free Open Arms! +++ Ägäis: Stop the toxic EU-Turkey-Deal +++ UK: criminalization of 15 anti-deportation-activists +++ Review: Röszke 11 - about the trial against Ahmed +++ Outlooks: June 2018: Education not Deportation… Schoolstrike! 5.-8. July: Summercamp of We`ll Come United +++

Dear friends,

At 18th of March the boat of the Spanish rescue-organization Proactiva Open Arms was confiscated, because they refused to hand over already rescued persons to the libyan coastguards. This happened before a right wing extremist might become the interior minister in Italy. In the same time more deportation flights started from Leipzig to Kabul and from Cologne to Islamabad. And to enforce the Dublin-regime obviously all methods are justified: a brutal police raid in Donauwörth and the use of charter flights from Frankfurt to Rome. All this are also consequences of a policy of exclusion, which has been escalated already before the new home secretary (Seehofer) shout for more deportations on a daily level.

The other side: SOS Mediterranee and Sea Watch try to continue with their rescue operations in the central mediterranean sea as good as possible. In the same time nearly every day rubber-boats with refugees arrive on the greek islands. From the hotspots on these islands to the camps here in Germany we see ongoing protests and resistance. Our full calendar demonstrates the ongoing struggles for freedom of movement and equal social rights in countless places and in multiple compositions.

„For a big coalition of anti-racism“ - against this background the conference in May in Göttingen appears as a very promising opportunity to go beyond an exchange of experiences of resistance and to look for common bigger mobilizations. The Well Come United-parade in Hamburg at 29th of May is already appointed as „a big coming together to make visible the daily struggles“. For the roadmap to this event, for springtime and summer, we hope - against the spirit of the time - on unexpected moments and dynamics. As it was written already last year in an inspiring way: we are stronger than we often think!

With antiracist greetings,

the kompass-Team

Frankfurt: Against readmission agreements and for human rights in Ethopia


Demonstration at 10.30 at the main train station in Frankfurt

We, Ethiopian refugees, would be pleased to receive any support. If you go with us or simply want to make a statement about your own situation. Please come !Our message is: Fair asylum procedures; Human rights in Ethiopia for Oromo and Amhara and other ethnic groups; Stop killing; Liberation of politicians; no deportation agreements;

Thanks Hand in Hand - Action Alliance between Ethiopian Groups and German Aktivist; Email oromocommuntiy@t-online.de

Berlin: Manifestation and Demonstration


Solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Togo – no political-military collaboration with the regime in Togo!

Manifestation at 11.00 a.m: Embassy of Togo, Grabbeallee 43, 13156 Berlin

Demonstration at 14.00: Department of foreign affairs, Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin


— Freezing of socalled development aid funds to he state of Togo as long as the president Faure Gnassingbé is not willing to give off his power and as long as protests of the people are oppressed!

— Stop the political support of the regime in Togo!

— Stop the collaboration with the military in Togo! No export of military- and police equipment to Togo!

— No deportations to Togo!

Further information and videos about the recent situation in Togo:


Greece: "borders within borders" and long-term detention

14.04.2018 - 20.04.2018

Introductional part of a text from Thessaoliniki to mobilize against the criminalization of migrants, who protested against the situation in the camps in Greece. It ends with the call for a transnational solidarity week from 14th to 20th of April.

„The camps in Greek islands are officially militarized and operate under “prison” rules, always with the cooperation of police, army, judicial authorities and NGOs. In this way, better management of the immigrant population is achieved: strict control of the detained, as well as disciplining those who are “free” (though trapped in the Greek territory) under the threat of imprisonment. In mainland Greece, a basic pillar of migrant management is the concept of administrative detention, a totally vague framework of detention, in which the prisoner does not even know how long (s)he will be detained. So (s)he wakes up every morning hoping that (s)he will be freed, and sleeps every night with the burden of another day in the cage. When detained migrants dare to make even the smallest protest, for example asking for information about the reason and the length of their detention, the State's response is relentless but organized and deliberate. This is evidenced both by the fabricated charges against the "Petrou Ralli 8" and by the almost simultaneous arrest of the 35 migrants in the camp of Moria, charged for similar felonies, after facing the same repression: fierce beating and random arrests, in short subjects of the same central political decision. …“

Berlin: Resist – Demonstration against displacement and rent madness at 2 pm at Potsdamer Platz


„In Berlin people are being displaced through rising rent. Rental properties are being converted into owner-occupied apartments. Neighbourhoods are being destroyed. Social institutions and small businesses cannot find affordable rooms. Homelessness is on the rise. Racism and discrimination further complicate the search for accommodation. Even at the outskirts of the city there is hardly any affordable living space left. 74% consider the high cost of accommodation a threat of losing their apartment or become poor.... For a city of solidarity.,

-which is not a business model but a living space for everybody, independent of e.g. origin, language, age, disability or income;

-in which houses are built for living not for profit,

-and in which living space becomes common property.

We demand a radical change of housing and rental politics!“

The complete call (in many languages) and more is here: http://mietenwahnsinn.info

Leipzig: Right to the City Forum

20.04.2018 - 22.04.2018

„We want to network, excange ideas, start projects again this year. In order to strengthen the common fight for a „city for everybody“ we will explore political practices, develop strategies, and make demands with several aspects in focus. … Apart from looking at current developments in rental politics we want to focus on conflicts in public space and ntalk about building social infrastructure. At thhe same time we want to strengthen a feminist perspective on the issue...“

The whole invitation, the program and more can be found here (in German):


Chios: Start of the trial against Moria 35 - more criminalization in Greece and Call for Action-days


Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza on 27th of March:


Solidarity with the Refugees of the Moria 35 and the Petrou Ralli 8 punitive Trials Struggling for a dignified life is a right, not a crime! City Plaza Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space announces ist support and solidarity with the 35 asylum seekers from Moria Refugee Camp, Lesvos, unfairly arrested following a peaceful protest on 18 July 2017, and with the 8 asylum seekers of Petrou Ralli detention centre, awaiting trial after being subjected to extreme police violence when attempting to speak to the centre’s director about their detention conditions….


Göttingen: nation-wide Networking Meeting for Roma and supporters – Together we are louder!


Invitation to a nation-wide Networking Meeting for Roma and supporters in their struggle against racism towards Roma and their struggle against the racist asylum and deportation policies.

From the invitation: “The idea is to reunite all groups and individuals who do and wish to do work on the topic of racism towards Roma, with Roma who have themselves been victim of such racism. What can happen there? First ideas…

Together with you, we would like to try to organize and coordinate a further procedure. We would like to exchange views with many other people and to create a transregional network in order to improve our mutual support and exchange of information. And of course we would like to consult with you on how we could initiate a specific political action. There are many possible ways to do this. We could, for instance, start a transregional campaign, organize a demonstration, plan an information tour along the transit and deportation camps, or, or, or…

We know many people who are acutely threatened with deportation. What can we do against it? Is it possible to start effective actions against deportations?

We should also exchange ideas on how to introduce the topic of Roma deportations into the concept of ‘We’ll come united’. We could, for instance, create a truck on this topic at the ‘We’ll come united’ parade on 29.9.18 in Hamburg, or do something else. We could also try to further develop the project of a ‘School without Deportation’ in order to tackle the problem that young people in particular are affected by deportations. Maybe you have quite different concerns or further ideas? ….

Contact and registration: roma_solidarity@riseup.net

Leipzig: Regional Parade and Discussion with We`ll Come United for Freedom of Movement


Freedom of movement – since long time we think about our living without an european external border. From Cameroun to Morocco, from Tunesia to Mali. Many young people from these countries start to travel to Europe. The route is hard, needs a long time and a lot of money and some will loose their lives.

We as people from North- and Westafrica are connected with Europe through the colonial period. The common history is also one reason, that so many young Africans travel to here. Perhaps they are simply curious. How does Europe look like? What is on the other side of the mediterranean sea? Without the external borders of EU all these young people could start a small expedition, try to find an education or to earn some money, but then to return again into their homeland. It is obvious: without the external borders of EU an illegal immigration would not be necessary. If people can easily oscillate between Africa and Europe, they would not appear as criminals and swindlers as soon as they cross the borders. Asylum is for humans, who are politically persecuted and whose lifes are in danger. But additional legal options of entry and immigration for all others are needed as well. And about this we want to discuss with you.

Join us in Leipzig at 28 th of April! Discuss together with us! We start with a manifestation at 14.00 at the main train station in Leipzig. Afterwards we want to create a small colourful parade for freedom of movement. We will go from the main station to Eisenbahnstrasse, where we spend the evening in Ost-Passage Theater with a podium-discussion, with theater, music and dancing.


6.5. in Dortmund and 26.5. in Hannover: 100 years of detention prisons are enough! Preparation for the protest in Büren in 2019…


In 2019 the racist practice of detention prisons will exist for 100 years in Germany. 100 years are 100 years too much. Its time to end this human rights abusing practice in Germany. The year 2019 will not happen without protests, actions and evaluations about these 100 years.

An open germanwide alliance is under construction. At 6 th of May in Dortmund a meeting will take place to plan a powerful demonstration in 2019. At 26 th of May another germanwide preparation-meeting will take place in Hanover to think about together, in which ways, when and where this anti-jubilee can be organized. We are interested in your ideas. For more information and questions pls contact paderbewebi@gmail.com

Criminalization of an activist of a rescue organization in Lesvos


„Salam Aldeen came to Lesyos to rescue lives as volunteer rescue swimmer - now he needs help for himself. Because he rescued people on sea, he is threatened now by 10 years of imprisonment. On the 7th of May his trial with the accusation of „human smuggling“ will take place in Lesvos. His case is another example of an increasing criminalization of flight helpers at the external borders of EU…“

More in German:


Goettingen: Conference for a big coalition of antiracism

10.05.2018 - 13.05.2018

Demonstrations, books, daily struggles, theatre plays, films and tribunals: a lot is happening. Everybody is doing something. That`s great. The whole society is one contested space and the situation is open. Present struggles are taking place everywhere, and so will future struggles. It is not a matter of institutional politics, of parties and parliaments. We have to be everywhere and we are already in numerous places. In the neighbourhood, in the newsletters, in the camps and immigration offices, at universities, in virtual spaces, and at the borders. We all feel the politicisation of life and the gravity of the challenges that await us in the years to come.

And it certainly is not little what waits us. While the AfD - after the parliaments - wants to capture universities, unions and the media, we are confronted with the modernisation of the European border regime, which in Germany at least, is tied to the bondage of assimilation and exploitation. But that is only one aspect of our reality: Despite and against neoliberalism and the right-wing push, the power of migration is unbroken, the spirit of solidarity is vivid and the large- and small-sized engagement of countless people is still effective.

No question, the times of course are not rosy. Something has to happen and we are all needed - also because many political actors dodge the old and new racism. Nevertheless: that what counts has already begun. We want to continue, in a better way and together with all those who are already part of it.

In Göttingen, we will intensify the connections between various threads of Antiracism and of our engagement. Certainly, we do not believe, that we have to instruct each other about the right and true form of political practices. At the same time, we are convinced that we need more comprehensive and common strategical ideas and goals. We need new ideas to go beyond our horizons and the borders of nation-states. And this requires to see and meet each other again. Networking-meetings, panels, workshops and theatre will take place. We expect a lot of talks and translations, and we want to dance. Last but not least, we want to make plans for the near future. See you! Yallah!

KritNet ++ Welcome United ++ Solidarity Cities ++ GK Migration

10th to 13th of May in Göttingen

Thursday and Friday: various networking meetings; Friday evening: common opening podium; Saturday: keynotes and workshops; Sunday: Common Assembly

Contact and registration and sleeping places:



UK: criminalization of15 anti-deportation-activists

15 persons go on trial after they stopped a deportation flight last year by direct action:


"Fifteen anti-deportation activists are facing potentially lengthy sentences when they go on trial on Monday charged with terrorism offences for blocking the takeoff of an immigration removal flight at Stansted airport in Essex."

The webpage from enddeportations:


Campaign: Stop the toxic EU-Turkey-Deal

„Two years after its implementation, the EU-Turkey ‘deal’ still stands at the forefront of European Union (EU) Policy on the refugee crisis. This toxic ‘deal’ has been celebrated as a success. “Refugee Support Aegean” (RSA) is not accepting this and will keep on challenging this ‘deal’ before national and international courts. Our experience and work in the field shows that this ‘deal’ has come at a great cost on refugees and migrants, the rule of law as well as the European Union’s moral standing.

On the second anniversary of the deal’s announcement, RSA publishes a series of stories illustrating the harsh reception and detention conditions that refugees experience while stranded on the Aegean islands, the rising xenophobia, the creation of new categories of vulnerable refugees and the fact that Turkey is not a ‘safe third country’…


Central mediterrean sea: Free Open Arms!

German medias did not pay much attention nor they scandalize the confiscation of another NGO-ship:


But in Italy and Spain the seizure of this rescue ship and the crazy justification was a big topic.

A strong criticism by a lawyer of the Italian organization ASGI:

"If the Proactiva Open Arms had delivered as requested by the Libyan Guard, the rescued migrants would have violated the principle of non-refoulement?"

Gianfranco Schiavone (ASGI): "If he did, we can only be sure of one thing: these people today would be detained, mistreated, tortured. Women would be raped. Because this is what happens in the detention centers of Libya. Nobody disputes it: international relations are very clear and uniform. So if today these people are alive and saved they are given by those who have bravely saved them. "

Sea Watch twittered short and clear:

Last eastern (2017) became a symbol for non assistance through the EU states, when rescue vessels had to send a distress themselves. Nowadays non assistance turned into sabotage, with SAR vessels confiscated! We stand the ground and urge for the #right2rescue! #FreeOpenArms #FreeIuventa

Statement of an international group of lawyers:


And a longer good article published in the Guardian:


„The struggle of women across the sea“ -

Alarm Phone Report und neue Video Clips

We have published our latest Alarm Phone report, entitled “The Struggle of Women across the Sea”. It focuses on the stories and experiences of migrant women, but also explores recent developments in the three Mediterranean regions and gives an account of the 25 emergency cases we have worked on over the past 6 weeks.

Stories of women struggling across sea borders are rarely heard. When we do hear them, women are often simply portrayed as subordinate, exploited, and passive victims who depend on male companions, and who lack individual migration projects and political agency. Knowing well that the personal is political, and the political is personal, we want to listen to women’s voices and stories, and be inspired by their disobedient movements, their strength, their resistance.

The report can be found on our website: https://alarmphone.org/en/2018/03/22/the-struggle-of-women-across-the-sea/?post_type_release_type=post

And on Facebook:


Newsletter from We`ll Come United

„As you all probably know already, the network of We`ll Come United has started a new mobilization for 2018.

Our common aiming point is the parade on the streets in Hamburg at 29th of September, which hopefully will be even bigger than last year.

The common call will be finalized in April, but we already started, what we call „swarming“. We visit cities, communities and camps, which have not been involved so much in We`ll Come United. We try to create an exchange in experiences on daily struggles against deportations and exclusion.

Finally we want to invite you and all, who are interested, to the „conference of the big coalition of antiracism“. It will take place from 10th to 13th of May in Goettingen and We`ll Come United is participating in the program. Find some more sentences below as well.

Latest at the end of April first materials like flyers and poster for We`ll Come United 2018 will be ready. Who already wants to order it or who wants to join the process of mobilization, pls contact us. Everybody is needed, lets get together!…“

The full newsletter with more information about hamburg, Swarming and Goettingen conference here:


On Deportations to Afghanistan and Pakistan

On 26.3.18 the eleventh ‘Charter of Shame’ to Kabul took off to deport another ten men to Afghanistan.

“As announced by dpa, there were ten passengers on the deportation flight that arrived in Kabul according to a statement of the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior. After eleven collective deportations since December 2016, this brings the number of Afghans whose asylum applications were denied and who were deported to Afghanistan to a total of 198 men. According to the Ministry of the Interior five German federal states participated in the measure. Accordingly four passengers came from Bavaria, two from Baden-Wuerttemberg, two from Hamburg, one from Rhineland-Palatinate and one from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania…”

Further information on the subject at:


About the situation in Afghanistan, read the Pro Asyl report at:


Only one day later. On 27.3.18, a further charter deportation from Cologne Airport to Islamabad took place. According to first reports by persons involved, 35 Pakistani whose asylum applications had been denied were on board, together with 70 policemen. It is feared that in the next few months further collective deportations to Pakistan will be carried out, the more so as the new Minister of the Interior will leave no stone unturned to press the embassy to issue exit documents.

Brutal police raid against refugees in Donauwörth

„In the reception center in donauwörth (bavaria) refugees stopped a deportation collectively at 14th of March. The police answered this by massive violence and mass imprisonment. Still about 30 people are in jail. all this is used by right wing electoral campaign of the CSU …“

The statement of the refugees:


Röszke 11: The court-decision was made before - Ahmed H. remains a „terrorist“ for the hungarian regime

„On March, 14th the court of Szeged comfirmed Ahmed to be a „terrorist" and sentenced him to seven years of prison - three years less than in the first verdict.

We didn't expect a fair trial and unfortunately the verdict proved it. It was a ridiculous theatre: After the final speeches of prosecutor and defence at the same day the verdict followed. The court did not even try to avoid the impression of a directed show: the verdict obviously was rendered and written long before: No need to keep up the appearance of a

formal correct procedure. The judge perfectly assisted Orbán and his gang. Just a few weeks before the Hungarian elections and in the eve of Hungary's National Day this verdict fit perfectly in the government’s election campaign. (…)

Ahmed was found guilty in "complicity in an act of terror” and “illegal entry as part of a mass riot” and was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and expulsion from Hungary for 10 years. Seven years of sentence minus the prior detention mean two more years in prison. Both sides appealed the judgement - The show must go on…“

#Rage and Anger!

Freedom for Ahmed!

Longer report in german:


More information:


Summercamp of We`ll Come United

05.07.2018 - 08.07.2018

The network We`ll Come United is planning a summercamp in Brandenburg for the beginning of July. On the big antiracist conference in Goettingen the preparation process will continue and the idea will be presented.

Contact: mail@welcome-united.org