Dresden: Jugendliche ohne Grenzen with a conference and demo against the conference of interior ministers

„Perspectives instead of dis-integration politics!

The short period of welcome culture has not changed the fact that in Germany many children youths, and adult refugees are threatened by deportation. This means perpetual fear and insecurity. The foundation of German asylum politics are still determent and exclusion. Improvements in asylum politics, which have been hard won, are being annihilated. While solidarity structures for and with refugees are being established the practice of deportation is being massively escalated by the government..."

Berlin: Protests against G20 Africa Partnership Conference

On 12th/13th June the conference „G20 Africa Partnership – Investing in a Common Future“, organised by minister of finance Wolfgang Schäuble, will be held in Berlin.  The primary goal is to speak to delegates from selected African countries (Rwanda, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, and Tunisia among them) about so-called investment partnerships, coupled with the promise that increased private investment from industrial nations will help to fight the causes of Mmgration.