Kompass-newsletter No. 92 - 02/2021


9.2. transnational: CommemorAction +++ 19.2. in Hanau and in many cities: Commemoration, accusation and protests one year after the racist terror attack +++ 21.2. Transnational Zoom meeting: Essential Strike for March 8th: Public Assembly +++ (Charter)Deportations at any price +++ Success for church asylums: deadline extensions stopped! +++ https://www.borderviolence.eu - Push Back Reports on the Balkan Route +++ Alarm Phone on Push Backs in the Aegean +++ Alarm Phone on Central Med: A struggle for every single boat! +++ Transnational Social Strike: Our Pandemic Transnational Revolt - Organising Struggles in Europe and Beyond +++ Outlook: In June in Palermo: Camp & Convergence; Zapatistas on tour in Europe this summer

Dear friends!

Our preface remains short, also because February starts as heavy and bitter as the whole Corona mood seems. On the upcoming anniversaries of racist murders, small decentralised actions are possible at best. On 9 February in memory of the dead in the Mediterranean and on 19 February in memory of the victims of the attack in Hanau. We must not and will not forget them - Say their Names! Let's take up and spread the voices of the relatives and survivors - with all their grief and anger!

Live streams and video messages cannot replace real resistance and struggles. But in perspective they are definitely a complementary amplifier of our coming uprising. And in any case, better than nothing. Because the pandemic will continue to dominate our everyday life for at least the next few weeks. Then we hope for the combination of spring sunshine and vaccination successes to finally gather again in larger groups and also transnationally, at least from early summer. That we can see each other, feel each other and meet in order to (re)build and expand structures of resistance: against racist violence and agitation, against the border regime, against exploitation. 

In this sense: bear up. For shelters and corridors of solidarity. For freedom of movement and equal rights for all. For the society of the many.

The Kompass Team