Berlin: Resist – Demonstration against displacement and rent madness at 2 pm at Potsdamer Platz


„In Berlin people are being displaced through rising rent. Rental properties are being converted into owner-occupied apartments. Neighbourhoods are being destroyed. Social institutions and small businesses cannot find affordable rooms. Homelessness is on the rise. Racism and discrimination further complicate the search for accommodation. Even at the outskirts of the city there is hardly any affordable living space left. 74% consider the high cost of accommodation a threat of losing their apartment or become poor.... For a city of solidarity.,

-which is not a business model but a living space for everybody, independent of e.g. origin, language, age, disability or income;

-in which houses are built for living not for profit,

-and in which living space becomes common property.

We demand a radical change of housing and rental politics!“

The complete call (in many languages) and more is here: