Kompass-AntiRa-Newsletter Nr. 68 - April 2018

+++ 6.4. in Berlin: Solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Togo +++ 6.4. in Frankfurt: against readmission agreement and for human rights in Ethiopia +++ 14.4. in Berlin: resist - Demo against displacement and rent madness +++ 20.4. in Chios: Start of the trial against Moria 35 - more criminalization in Greece and call for action days ++ 20.-22.4. in Leipzig: Right to the city-Forum +++ 21.4. in Göttingen: germanwide networking meeting for Roma and supporters +++ 28.4. in Leipzig: Parade with We`ll Come United for freedom of movement +++ 6.5. in Dortmund and 26.5. in Hannover: preparation for a demo against detention center in Büren +++ 10.-13.5. in Göttingen: Conference for a big coalition of antiracism +++ Brutal police raid against refugees in Donauwörth +++ About the deportations to Afghanistan and Pakistan +++ Newsletter of We`ll Come United +++ „The struggle of women across the sea“ - Alarm Phone Report +++ Central mediterranean sea: Free Open Arms! +++ Ägäis: Stop the toxic EU-Turkey-Deal +++ UK: criminalization of 15 anti-deportation-activists +++ Review: Röszke 11 - about the trial against Ahmed +++ Outlooks: June 2018: Education not Deportation… Schoolstrike! 5.-8. July: Summercamp of We`ll Come United +++

Dear friends,

At 18th of March the boat of the Spanish rescue-organization Proactiva Open Arms was confiscated, because they refused to hand over already rescued persons to the libyan coastguards. This happened before a right wing extremist might become the interior minister in Italy. In the same time more deportation flights started from Leipzig to Kabul and from Cologne to Islamabad. And to enforce the Dublin-regime obviously all methods are justified: a brutal police raid in Donauwörth and the use of charter flights from Frankfurt to Rome. All this are also consequences of a policy of exclusion, which has been escalated already before the new home secretary (Seehofer) shout for more deportations on a daily level.

The other side: SOS Mediterranee and Sea Watch try to continue with their rescue operations in the central mediterranean sea as good as possible. In the same time nearly every day rubber-boats with refugees arrive on the greek islands. From the hotspots on these islands to the camps here in Germany we see ongoing protests and resistance. Our full calendar demonstrates the ongoing struggles for freedom of movement and equal social rights in countless places and in multiple compositions.

„For a big coalition of anti-racism“ - against this background the conference in May in Göttingen appears as a very promising opportunity to go beyond an exchange of experiences of resistance and to look for common bigger mobilizations. The Well Come United-parade in Hamburg at 29th of May is already appointed as „a big coming together to make visible the daily struggles“. For the roadmap to this event, for springtime and summer, we hope - against the spirit of the time - on unexpected moments and dynamics. As it was written already last year in an inspiring way: we are stronger than we often think!

With antiracist greetings,

the kompass-Team