Kompass-AntiRa-Newsletter No. 69 - May 2018

+++ 10.5.-13.5. in Göttingen: Conference for a grand coalition of antiracism +++ 2nd Newsletter from We`ll Come United +++ 15.5. in Berlin: Protest-action for family reunification +++ Solingen 1993 - Never forget - series of events and demonstration at 26.5. +++ 26.5. in Hannover: preparation for a demonstration against the detention prison in Büren +++ 6.-8. of June in Halle: Youth without borders against interior minister conference +++ Banner-action against deportations to Afghanistan +++ Mediterranean Coalitions of Struggle - Alarm Phone Report +++ Central Med: Open Arms with partial success, Iuventa remains confiscated +++ About the trial against Moria 35 ++++ Memorial on Lesvos +++ Aegean sea: Mare Liberum Project will start +++ Review: Actions in Zarzis/Tunesia;Togo-Demonstration in Berlin +++  Outlook: 22nd of June 2018: Education not deportation…Schoolstrike!; 5.-8. of July: Summercamp from We`ll Come United; 29.9. in Hamburg: big We`ll Come United Parade +++

 Last Call Göttingen!

 In a few days it will start and probably it will be the biggest and most important conference of the antiracist movement in Germany in 2018. From 10th to 13th of May various networks invite for a „grand coalition of Anti-Racism“. Several hundred activists are expected to come and the program offers a lot - concerning structures, contents and practices. The mixture at least sounds promising: from networking meetings to strategy discussions, between academy and activism, from many selforganised initiatives to international guests, from the exchange of daily struggles to the mobilization for the next big parade in September - https://16.kritnet.org



Apropos We`ll Come United: the „swarming into Cities und Communities“ started well and got an impressive new space on the website: http://www.welcome-united.org/en/swarming-materials/. From sea-rescue to the struggles against deportation, here are materials collected in many languages in order to foster the circulation of the struggles for freedom of movement and equal rights. Everybody is invited and requested to contribute, to share experiences and information, to pick up ideas and to develope it further. 

 From Ellwangen to Moria: in the camps at the external and internal borders of Europe the desperation often change into anger and lead into revolts for freedom of movement and against the deportation regime. In Ellwangen finally the deportation of a young man from Togo was enforced by a huge police operation, connected with a violent and degrading raid in the whole first reception camp. After the revolt in Moria in July last year the trial against the 35 accused finally lead to their release after nine months of imprisonment but nevertheless to convictions, which justify the arbitrary act. Dark times, in which our solidarity seems to be even more important with everybody who stands up against this injustice.

 Let us block the policy of exclusion, deportation and exploitation, wherever it is possible. Let us set signs for an open and inclusive society in solidarity, whenever it is possible. Or as written in the newsletter from We`ll Come United: No time for a break! United against racism!  


See you in Goettingen,

the Kompass-Team