Kompass-newsletter No. 105 - 06/2022


From 2 June to 11 September in Frankfurt: Forensic Architecture on the murder of Oury Jalloh and the chain of failure in Hanau +++ 3 - 5 June in Nuremberg: Tribunal NSU Komplex auflösen +++ 10 - 12 June in Göttingen: Germanwide NoLager-AntiRa-Conference +++ 22-23 June in Berlin: Sahel-Conference +++ 26 June in Kassel: 25 years no one is illegal +++ 26 June to 11 July in different cities: info-event tour of Alarm Phone Sahara +++ 12-17 July near Nantes: Transborder Summer Camp +++ Acquittals in trials against migrants in Greece and Italy +++ Outlook: August in Berlin: 20 years of Women in Exile 

Dear friends,

While this newsletter appears, a new exhibition by Forensic Architecture has just opened in Frankfurt: with new investigations and (video) reconstructions of the murder of Oury Jalloh as well as the police failure and the struggle of the relatives and survivors in Hanau. One day later, the fourth tribunal "Dissolving the NSU Complex/NSU-Komplex auflösen“ will begin in Nuremberg: with up to 500 participants expected from more and more cities where there have been racist murders and attacks in recent years and where those affected are increasingly organising themselves. They are trying to develop common demands, which are primarily to be formulated by the victims' families and brought to the attention of those politically responsible.

One week later, from 10 to 12 June, the AntiRa conference initiated by No Lager groups will take place in Göttingen. Four main topics have been chosen: "No Lager struggles, anti-deportation struggles, connecting self-organisation and struggles/networking with the long arm at the European external borders...". In addition, it is planned to reflect on the Solidarity City experiences of the last years at this hopefully well-attended meeting. In any case, these much-needed, germanwide discussions should provide a good basis for the transnational meeting coming up a little later.

In mid-July, activists from North and West Africa as well as from all over Europe will pitch their tents near Nantes in France for the second Transborder Summer Camp. Around 800 participants have already registered, so further registrations are only possible for self-organised groups of refugees and migrants. While there will be five days of workshops and network meetings on all essential questions and fields of antiRa struggles, the focus of the meeting will be, as already at TSC I in 2019, a practical approach and claim: the continuity in building and expanding the infrastructures for freedom of movement!

In this spirit for a hot summer!

The Compass Crew