Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter No 72 – September 2018

Welcome united

+++ From 25.8. to 1.9., in many cities all over Europe: Build Bridges not Walls - Seebrücken Actionweek +++ Since 29.8. in Frankfurt: Yallah-Exhibition +++ 4. - 9. September in Darmstadt, Hanau, Frankfurt, Kassel and Berlin: Safe Spaces for Solidarity Cities +++ From 15.9. to 30.9.: SoliPolis-Festival at Veddel in Hamburg +++ 15.9. in Hanau: Mini-Parade for We`ll Come United +++ 16.9.: Cologne takes a stance – reception, right to stay, Solidarity +++ 16.9. at Brenner: Hiking across borders in Solidarity +++ 17./18.9. in Frankfurt: Seebrücken not Seehofer +++ 19.-23.9.: „Passamontagne“- Camp at the italien French border/report from Moving Europe +++ 20.9. in Salzburg: Demo – Seebrücken instead of Fortress Europe +++ 22.9. in Aschaffenburg: Festival for Solidarity City +++ 29.9. in Hamburg: We`ll Come United - THE PARADE +++ Solidarity with the accused refugees from Ellwangen +++ Action CitizenAsylum +++ Sea Watch never gives up! +++ Alarm Phone about boats and raids in Morocco, Ceuta: Bozas and Push Backs +++ Mare Liberum started its operation in aegean sea +++ (Chain)Push Backs from Slovenia via Croatia to Bosnia +++ Strikes from Apulia to Goteborg +++ Outlook: 4.-7.10 in Jena: Refugee Black Box; 6.10. in Paderborn: Network-meeting to abolish deportation prisons; 13.10. in Karlsruhe: regional demo against nationalism, racism, deportations; 13.10. in Berlin: Demonstration „indivisble“; Transnational Social Strike Treffen in November 2018 in Stockholm +++

„Watchword Parade“ – For a September of Solidarity!
It will happen exactly in four weeks, 29.09.2018 in Hamburg – the “nicest day of the year” - We`ll Come United! More supporting groups, more buses, more thematic trucks: the mobilization appears even stronger than last year. And an extra website went online last days: http://antiracist-parade.org/?lang=en Worth seeing, worth reading: “We turn on the light and we turn up the sound.The mics are there for those, who need them, to tell it like it is: the history of our society is the history of migration. Its just as unstoppable as the solidarity of the many.
So, call us storytellers. We are here. We are coming. We are staying. On Sept 29, 2018 the streets will be ours.“
And until then every day! In many cities, in countless actions, events and demonstrations. From sea rescue to the safe spaces of solidarity cities. Against the left to die on sea, against the deportations to the Balkan or to Kabul. With Seebrücken against Seehofer in Frankfurt and against Kurz` summit of fortress Europe in Salzburg, for open harbours agains the cruelties of Salvini – the September of Solidarity against the axis of shame! In transnational interconnection we will stand up against racism and exclusion. We will empower each other, we will make visible our daily struggles. The sound of the “Bozas” from Ceuta should be heared at the train-station of Hamburg. Angry voices against the push-backs and from the contested spaces from Morocco to Bosnia and from Catania to the Evros will take the microphone in the manifestations. We accuse: the criminalization from Valetta via Szeged to Ellwangen. We continue to cross borders: from „Passamontagne“ near Briancon to the solidarity hiking across the border at Brenner. We strike: from the fields in Apulia to the harbor in Goteborg. This all happens today, in the same time, in September. Fueled by the stubbornness of the movements of flight and migration.
When in the afternoon of 29 th of September the parade will be transformed into a promenade near the waterfront of Hamburg, then the Charta from Palermo should be awaken to new life: for the right to freedom of movement, for equal rights for all.
From the Sea to the Cities - we are all humans!

See you in Hamburg!
Your Kompass Team