Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter Nr. 64, November 2017

+++ 4./5.11. in Berlin: Evaluation and perspectives of We`ll Come United +++ 10.-12.11. in Berlin: Meeting of the Transnational Social Strike Platform +++ 10.11.-26.11. in Göttingen: Traveling Exhibition „Yallah!? Along the Balkanroute“ +++ 13./14.11. in Tübingen and Frankfurt: Film „Stop the boats“ +++ 24.-26.11. in Augsburg: „Inside Europe - Church-Asylum as a network“ +++ Resistance against Afghanistan-Deportations +++ Röszke11: Solidarity with Ahmed +++ Aegean Sea: „Open the islands“ and Memorial of w2eu +++ Tunisia: The Harragas are back +++ Three years Alarm Phone: In Solidarity with Migrants at Sea +++ Sea-Rescue-Organisations demand policy change +++ Spain/Morocco: Legal success in Strasbourg against Push-Backs +++ 4 Years NSU-Trial - No final Stroke +++ Reviews: Conference of Women in Exile in Berlin; Conference on Migration, Development and Ecological Crisis in Leipzig; Network-Meeting on Church-Asylum in Münster +++

Dear friends!

Continuity and multiplicity - once again our newsletter reflects the whole spectrum of migration-related daily struggles and antiracist initiatives. At the external borders about the revival of Harragas in Tunisia, about support actions and a memorial in the aegean sea and about a legal success against the push-backs at the moroccan-spanish border. And also about solidarity with Ahmed/ Röszke11, about the start of a traveling exhibition „along the Balkanroute“ and about an impressive new booklet on three years WatchTheMed Alarm Phone. The resistance against the internal borders, particularly against deportations, is represented by the ongoing protests against the last Afghanistan-Charter and also by networking meetings on church asylum. The strong participation of refugees in the conference in the beginning of October in Leipzig demonstrates an increasing common interest to discuss about the backgrounds of flight and migration and to integrate it into debates on the global power relations. And the platform-meeting on the transnational social strike soon in Berlin follows the approach to put the resistance of migrants into the context of struggles against precarity and exploitation and to interconnect the various movements of strikes and re-appropriation.

Continuity and multiplicity – it will remain a crucial challenge for the antiracist movement to create visibility in common mobilizations to all these diverse practices of selforganisation and support, to the struggles for freedom of movement and for equal social rights.

With „We`ll Come United“ it worked impressive well last September and now, beginning of November, the first germanwide follow-up-meeting will take place, last not least to discuss the concrete perspectives for 2018.

In the recently published newsletter of http://www.welcome-united.org it is properly described: „That is why we believe that we must meet again. And we should keep on working on what has made our parade such a hopeful event: the image of another society, open diversity and solidarity can be a reality that can be seen and touched. Only in this way will we be able to oppose the ruling and the Nazis, instead of running behind them. The probably even more important thing that we proved on the 16th of September: we are not only able to show up with the different communities and the different parts of the anti-racist movement. Our self-confidence and the believe in each other is big and cannot be stopped easily. We will keep on going, because we are still aware that that it can happen quite quickly that the winds changes and new dynamics get underway...“

In this spirit with solidarity greetings from the Kompass-crew